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Zacharias Tzermias

Site Reliability Engineer at Oracle Cloud, Linux advocate, retro addict, amateur photographer

About me

I am Zacharias Tzermias and I live in Athens, Greece.

I currently work as a Site Reliability Engineer at Oracle Cloud, focusing on providing logging and metrics services at scale for a diverse set of customers. I regularly get my hands dirty with services like Elasticsearch, Graphite, Kafka, Prometheus. Moreover, I am an fan of automation technologies and always seek to further automate the deployment of our services using tools such as Ansible, Terraform and Kubernetes.

Prior joining Oracle, I was a System Administrator at Top.Host, one of the largest web hosting providers in Greece, located in Heraklion, Crete. My main responsibilities were the maintenance and monitoring of shared webhosting infrastructure. I also provided high quality technical support to end customers. Before Top.Host, I was a Research associate and (later) an R&D Engineer at Distributed Computer Systems Lab (DCS) of FORTH-ICS. My main research interests included privacy leakage, social network forensics and I also participated in the EU-Funded projects ForToo, i-Code, MOMENT and TRACER funded by the Greek General Secretariat of Research and Technology.

I hold a B.Sc and an M.Sc in Computer Science from Computer Science Department of University of Crete. For more details, you can visit my LinkedIn profile.

In my spare time, I enjoy tinkering with electronics projects and retrocomputers and handheld. I occasionally code for some of my personal projects (you can find them on my GitHub profile) as well as enriching my knowledge on System Administration, Computer and Network Security and Linux in general. I am an amateur photographer (currently on my baby steps) and I was a member of Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete (EFEK). A glimpse of my photoshooting is on the background page of the site. You can find a few more on my 500px profile.